I’m Angela, a registered nurse, certified health coach, and mastery certified in the Transformational Coaching Method.

I live in Texas and practice living my fullest life alongside my husband and two teenage boys.

I believe that healthy activity can be something you enjoy doing, and eating should be a pleasure.

My goal is to help as many women as I can to never become statistics.  As a Registered Nurse for the last 20 years, I only offer valid, science-based information.  

You won’t find any trendy fad diets here.

I believe that menopause is not a disease.

Many women sail through these years triumphantly, just happy to be done with that mess!

Yet, for some, the time around menopause can cause you to feel exhausted, tense, or depressed. Many women experience weight gain even though they haven’t changed a thing.

I know that even during the years of extreme hormone fluctuations, you can feel confident and stronger than ever!

I work with women undergoing hormonal changes to bring joy, energy and vibrancy back into their lives. I am honoured to walk with you on your own journey to feeling like a new woman.

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